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Национальные праздники Великобритании и Америки
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Halloween Тема: Национальные праздники Великобритании и Америки Задачи: 1 Развитие навыков разговорной речи 2 Развитие навыков понимания английской речи на слух. 3 Обучение основам праздничного поведения в процессе праздника. 4 Воспитание интереса к изучаемому языку, уважения к иностранной культуре.
Ход праздника (Дети вбегают, наряженные ведьмами, привидениями, чёрными котами, скелетами.) M.W.: I am the Main Witch. Hello, Black Cat! Black Cat: Hello, Main Witch!How are you& M.W.: Thank you, fine. And you? Black Cat: OK. Thank you. Hi Skeleton! Skeleton: Hi, Main Witch. How are you? M.W.: Superb. And you? Skeleton: Excellent! (подходит Мери Поппинс) M.Poppins: Hello, ghosts and witches, skeletons and black cats. How are you? Children: We are well. M.P.: Do you know me? Who am I? Children: You’re Mary Poppins. M.P.: Quite right. Fine. M.P.: Why have you come? M.W.: Today is Halloween. M.P.: Why, what date is it? M.W.: It is the 31st of October. M.P.: I have forgotten, what a pitty. M.W.: Hurra! Trick or treat? M.P.: But I haven’t any treat. M.W.: Trick! Trick! Let’s play Blind Man! ( Мери Поппинс завязывают глаза) Blind Man! Blind Man! Sure you can’t see? Turn round 3 times And try to catch me. (Мери ловит детей) M.P.: Oh, sorry! Children: That’s all right. M.P.: I am the winner. I want a present. Read a poem for me< please. Halloween Three little ghosts on Halloween night Saw a witch and shrieked in fright The witch just laughed and shouted "Boo!” One ghost ran home and then left two. Two little ghosts in two little sheets, Went to a door to say "Trick or treat?” But when the door swung open wide, A scary gobblin stood inside. One ghost gulped and said to the other, I’m going home and stay with my mother Of the three little ghosts, there was one alone, Too frightened to utter a groan or moan. One little ghost who shivered and shook With every single step ever he took. A Friday-cat ghost can’t have much fun, So he cried, "Wait for me!” And there was none. M.P.: Thank you Thank you ever so much. What can you do else? M.W.: We can dance. We want to dance. (танец «Hockey-pockey” or Looby-Loo) M.W.: A nice dance. I like it very much. But do you have any more tricks? No? Then I have got some tricks. Tricks 1 Bite an apple on the threadle 2 Take a sweet from the water. (without hands) 3 Who is faster? (a sweat is on the threadle. Eat the sweat without hands. You hold the threadle by your teeth) 4 Give the ball to your neighbour not touching it by the hands. (the ball is being held by the chin and breast) M.P.: How funny it is. Did you like it? Now, Puss, come to me. Dear witches and ghosts, Black Cat is the symbol of Halloween. Please, read poems about. Poems 1 Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater Had a wife and couldn’t keep her Put her in a pumpkin shell There he kept her very well. 2 Pussicat, wussicat, with white feet, 4 Pussy-cat sits beside the fire, When is your wedding, I’ll come to it So pretty and so fair The beer is to brew, the bread is to bake, In walks the little dog Pussy cat, pussy-cat, don’t be late. Oh, Pussy, are you there? 3 Pussy-cat, pussy-cat P1 How do you do Mrs. Pussy? Where have you been? Mrs. Pussy, how do you do? I’ve been to London P2 I thank you kindly, little dog, At the Queen I am very well, like you. P1 Pussy-cat, pussy-cat 5 Dame Trot and her cat What have you seen there? Sat down for a chat P2 I’ve seen a mouse The dame sat on one side Under the chair. And puss sat on that Puss, says the Dame, Can you catch a rat? Or a mouse in the dark? Mr-r! – says the cat. M.P.: And now, dear Black Cat, We shall dance for you. (children dance) M.P.: Dear witches and ghosts. Let me introduce you to our guests M.W.: How do you do, madam? P.: How do you do? M.W.: How are you? P.: Well, thank you. And you? M.W.: Fine, thanks. What is your name? P.: My name is… M.W.: Trick or treat? P.: Sorry, I have no treat. M.W.: Trick! Trick! Come here! (выходят учителя) M.P.: I am greatly sorry, dear guests. Today is Halloween. Please, eat this. You must eat as fast as you can. Here is tea for you. Drink it after you eat. (Дать учителям по 3 печенья, по 1 шоколадной конфетке) M.P.: Hurra! We played a trick on our guests. We are winners. Let’s dance. M.P.: Children, let’s play tricks! Please come here and look at this donkey. He has lost his tail, but I have found it. Here it is. Please fix it in its proper place. You’ll be given a prize. M.P.: What a nice holiday! We are gay and merry. Do you like it? P.: Yes! M.P.: But there is no Jack-o-lantern. P.: What is Jack-o-lantern? M.W.: It’s a pumpkin. M.P.: Where is our pumpkin? M.W.: Here it is. It is a lantern made from a pumpkin. I’ve cut slits for two eyes, a nose and a mouth and put a lighted candle inside. M.P.: Thank you. M.W.: You are welcome. M.P.: Let’s burn the candle. Help me, please. (Зажигают свечу, вставляют её в тыкву) M.P.: Happy Birthday, Jack-o-lantern! Children: Happy Birthday! (A song "Happy Birthday”)
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